Theoretical Electrochemistry

Some Abbreviations Used in this blog

  1. Oldham Book : Fundamentals of Electrochemical Science (Hardcover)
  2. Newman book : Electrochemical Systems, 3rd Edition
  3. Van Ness book : Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (The Mcgraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series)
  4. Antropov book: Theoretical electrochemistry
  5. Taylor and Krishna Book : Multicomponent Mass Transfer (Wiley Series in Chemical Engineering)
  6. BSL : Transport Phenomena, Revised 2nd Edition
  7. BR1 :
    Modern Electrochemistry 1: Ionics by John O’M Bockris, Amulya K.N. Reddy, and John O’M Bockris (Hardcover – June 30, 1998)
  8. BR2A : Modern Electrochemistry 2A: Fundamentals of Electrodics by John O’M. Bockris, Amulya K.N. Reddy, and Maria E. Gamboa-Aldeco (Kindle Edition – Dec. 31, 1995)
  9. BR2B : Modern Electrochemistry 2B: Electrodics in Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and Environmental Science by John O’M. Bockris and Amulya K.N. Reddy (Kindle Edition – Jan. 1, 2001)
  10. BF:
    Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications by Allen J. Bard and Larry R. Faulkner (Hardcover – Dec. 18, 2000)

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